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This gaming group seeks players

Gaming Community based out of the Winter Springs/Oviedo region for local gamers who are looking for others to play with because, well...lets face it. We're all too antisocial to meet new people on our own so we need the Internet to do it for us. That's what we're here for! Join us to meet other gamers within the Oviedo and Winter Springs areas!

We do NOT have a rank structure. NOBODY has direct authority over ANYONE. The only purpose of this community is to entertain and expand. If someone would like to start up a game night, feel free to post in the forums (though it might be a good idea to give a heads up beforehand to give people time to take notice). This gaming community is molded by its members and adapts to how they want it. If you as a member don't like something, either message me or post that we need change!

We accept ALL types of video games and genres!

If you live within twenty miles of Winter Springs or Oviedo and you can press a button on a controller of some type, then you qualify to join!


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