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This is a group which will regularly meet in West Hollywood. The games are of my design, playtested and self-published over a period of twenty years (meaning they are solid and proven to be enjoyable, not just a sketchy batch of home rules). My apartment is well themed, play is very involved, but rules are rather simplistic. While there is a good focus on role-playing, the main focus is on the thrill of adventure. Adventures will be challenging, not just in terms of survival, but wits. I favor puzzles, riddles and traps. Think Indiana Jones when it comes to dungeoneering. Group and environment is clean: No smoking building, good table (no couch gaming), and though I love animals I have no pets except a bird (so no worries about allergies to cats and the like). I also have no children. This game meets at a regular day and time and plays a good, solid session of 6+ hours. If you're interested, if you're daring . . . email me (


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