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This gaming group seeks players


Hey I've been here at Kalsu since Aug. I love gaming I grew up playing D&D but here latly I'm big into Pathfinders. I've also played Vampires, Shadowrun, Exalted, BESM, + more. I would really like to get a group together out here. I just think it would be a good way to blow off steam and for a short time get our minds away from here. I have all the pathfinder books with me and most (all the core) of the 3/3.5 D&D books on my computer so If yall wanna play those cool. I've had experience as a GM so I don't mind doing it again. I also like being a player so If you've GM'd before or maybe wanna try your hand at it that is cool too. If you wanna play a game other that Pathfinder or D&D you will have to supply the books but I'm more than willing to play.



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