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This gaming group seeks players

Hello I am looking for 5 players to run war of the burning sky 4E " WOTBS". In the Colorado Springs area. All skill levels welcome! I prefer you own at min the players handbook 1 and have a basic understanding of the game and a miniature to represent your character "PC". I can play Sunday after 6 pm Monday any time after 10 am and Tuesday any time after 10 am. I do use miniatures in my game as I do not like the cardboard tokens as they lay flat and you cant see them well on the battle map. I am planning on playing once a week maybe every 2 weeks depending on everyone's schedule. We will be playing at a local hobby shop (TBD) . I would like everyone to create there PC at the time of the first group get together as WOTBS has some options you can incorporate into your PC that are not in the PHB 1 2 or 3 and that way we can help anyone who needs help with making a pc. I like to keep things old school and use character sheets I don't see much point in giveing WOTC any more money to make a PC online as the books costs are high as is. You may use the character builder online if you wish I would just ask that you give me a copy of it so I don't need to ask does 15 hit your AC ect ect over and over. My email is Thanks guys and gals hope to be playing soon!



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