Northern-VA Gaming Community (NVGC)

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This gaming group seeks players


(Until a better name can be created by the whole)

See my posy in forums title Wanted: Northern VA-ish Gamers Pls Read.

This is for us as a community. And an attempt to bring a community together that always seems to be looking for something. I'm looking as well and can't find it, just others looking and none of us actually connect. Join in and help make this a group that takes on a life of it's own and becomes self sufficient. Until then, contact me and I'll do the rest until I'm no longer needed. I used to run car meets and it was easier to get attendance from half way across the country than getting gamers to hang out in small groups. It shouldn't be that way. Come be interactive and enjoy what we all have in common. So. . .

Post all your game interests. Boardgame, Casuals, RPG, Warhammer etc. Looking to learn!!! I love learning with others, let's do it! Contact me at and let's have some good times.


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