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This gaming group seeks players


I am looking for 5 people interested in playing the award-winning Monte Cook tabletop roleplaying game Numenera. I am looking for male or female gamers willing to meet every-other weekend (probably Sundays) from about 12 – 6 PM. We will typically play at my apartment in the Gresham area, very close to the MAX line. Your experience level with RPGs is not important, as I am willing to teach and take it slow. Also, Numenera is a fabulous RPG to start with, as its rules-system (the Cypher System) is extremely easy to learn while being very broad in its scope.

I am looking for very casual gamers – not rules-lawyers. Easy-going players more interested in the game and story than arguing about what is said on page 223, paragraph 12. Because I have only a limited number of spaces available I may have more people interested than I can accept. Please do not take it badly if I don't initially select you... people drop out and I would love to contact others who are interested if spots open up.

About Numenera: The setting is Earth eons from now. Eight civilizations (including our current one) have risen and fallen for various reasons. Whether from war, destroyed by alien life, plagues or they simply left for the stars, the current civilization doesn't know why they are gone. What they do know is that these previous civilizations have greatly changed our world – unbelievable landscapes now flourish, bizarre ancient ruins are found everywhere, strange beasts roam the land, and most importantly incomprehensible technologies, called Numenera, are found everywhere. While the inhabitants of Earth have no technology of their own, and in fact live very simple, pre-industrial lives, they find and use these strange Numenera in their daily lives – somewhat like the American Plains Indians having microwaves, hovercraft and walkie-talkies. They incorporate them into their very bodies, giving them incredible abilities and powers.

The rules-system is quite simple and quick to learn. Characters are created using a simple system of 1) defining their class, (warrior, adept, explorer, or speaker) 2) choosing a one-word description for themselves that defines how they approach situations and how they affect their environment (such as Charming, or Stealthy), and 3) choosing a special ability that makes them really stand out from the rest (such as Commands Mental Powers or Can Walk Through Walls). Therefore you may choose to create a Stealthy Explorer who Can Walk Through Walls, for example.

Each task they attempt is given a Difficulty Rating and, with some modifications based on skills and abilities, players roll a d20 to try and roll equal-to or above that number. The GM never rolls dice. Success and failure is always determined by a player's roll, be it to attack or to defend or succeed at an uncertain task. The GMs power lies with what are called Intrusions, unexpected new elements to the story or situation that they can introduce at any time. However, the players have the power to veto any Intrusion at a cost, but allowing them to happen gains them valuable experience points – and often leads to some of the more interesting roleplaying experiences in the game.

My Campaign: I have a very specific and long-arching storyline that I wish to run. It is based on a series of books long out of print that I loved growing up (I will decline to say which, as it could result in spoilers to those familiar with them). I will say that it involves the characters breaking out of a prison in space, taking to the stars and exploring strange planets on a quest to find a series of objects, all the while being sought by God who is trying to destroy them before they can destroy Him.

My interest in doing this is a fascination to see how closely the choices the players make mirror or differentiate from those of the book's characters, and how closely the resolution of the story mimics that of the author's. Because the story will largely be player-motivated the chances of great differences exists. I plan to do my utmost to only present the framework and then watch as the players determine the course. However, because of this need to start with a similar framework to that of the books the initial characters will be largely pre-generated, which can often be a turn-off to many roleplayers. I can assure you of two things however: 1) there will still be much opportunity to customize the pre-generated characters to fit your playing style, and 2) opportunities to add additional playable characters to your team will abound, allowing for alternative characters to build and play. Only the initial characters will be pre-generated. I anticipate that we will evolve into something of an “away-team” type of campaign, where the players pick and choose which characters to play based on the needs of the mission. This too can be seen as a drawback to some players, as they prefer to concentrate on a single character and invest. To that I say – then do that! I will not be forcing you to play anything other than the character you choose.

OK, there you have it. The Plan. The Execution is as yet undetermined. If you are interested or simply have questions send me an email at I plan to arrange a meeting with interested people in person until I have found the five players I will be choosing, then an initial date will be set for the group to meet when we will discuss who will play which pre-generated character, discuss and learn the rules of Numenera, and generally get to know one-another.

Thanks for your time!


If you wish to look further into the Numenera game and the Cypher System, please visit or



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