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This gaming group seeks players

Currently running a Shadowrun 5th Edition campaign set in Seattle 2072. We have 4 players now, but would prefer 5-6. We meet on Friday nights from 7-12pm and aim for teamwork and party synergy and black-trenchcoat, mission impossible style tactics over anarchist, pink-mohawk, mass destruction (at least when the situation gives you the latitude to choose ;) ). We prefer, but do not require, some pen and paper gaming experience (of any sort) OR some familiarity with the Shadowrun setting. If you've read any of the Shadowrun novels, short stories or novellas, you qualify.

Drop me a line if you're interested. FasterN8

About our Group: We have been gaming together for more than 10 years together and are a mature, committed group of players who are looking to tell an interesting story and enjoy the camaraderie of a tabletop game on Friday nights. Several players sitting at the table right now have been a GM at some point. Our last game was a homebrew campaign on Athas that lasted more than 4 years and took us from 2nd to 24th level.



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