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This gaming group seeks players

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We are currently a group of four, who play regularly on two nights a week and are looking for more people and more days to play.

On alternating Fridays we play all sorts of roleplaying games: Deadlands, FATE, Star Wars, D&D, Numenera, Call of Cthulhu, and Dread. We are looking forward to playing: Trail of Cthulhu, Mouse Guard, Underground, World of Darkness, and lots more.

We usually play with mature themes with a focus on moral quandaries and justice. The role-play to combat ratio favors role-play but combat often forces dramatic changes on our stories.

We play card games and board games and are suckers for Star Wars themed games. We are currently playing a second campaign of Star Wars Imperial Assault. We have previously played: Munchkin, Love Letter, Firefly: The Game, Talisman.

All current members are in our forties and male. We are open to interested members of any age or gender.



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