Bitter Road: the Heralds of the 13th Age

Should have killed us when they had the chance.
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This gaming group seeks players

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This is a 13th Age game being played in western Cape Cod, MA and accepting new players.

13th Age is a D&D variant from Pelgrane Press that focuses more on story and less on rules knowledge and mastery. It's classic high fantasy with some weird twists. It takes all the good parts of 3.x and 4e and mashes them together while leaving out all the things that people don't like.

We'd love to have more folks onboard. We're all friendly, socially well adjusted individuals who aren't subject of Creepy Gamer stories. Best way to describe us is "ordinary guys with a bad gaming habit".

This campaign is getting off the ground right now and so you have a chance to shape how the campaign looks as it unfolds.



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