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This gaming group seeks players


Omnis Ludus is a role-playing group located in north Portland, OR. We have enjoyed various game systems (and homebrews of said systems) and settings, from old-school (Rules Cyclopedia) D&D in the land of the Known World to spacefaring and other science fiction with the Alternity role-playing system. Our games range from serious in tone, to surreal, to humorous. We mostly write our own adventures/campaigns/settings.

Lately we have been exploring more light-weight story games, such as Dogs in the Vineyard, and ave been having a blast. Many of our later games have used variants on the FATE 3.0 system.

We are also curious about more obscure systems such as Mythus, Continuum, Apocalypse World and the Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne "TRPG," but have yet to sample them.

Various players have hosted games in the past, but we have the space to do it. We are also willing to travel, and in the past we've even had players telecommute regularly. All of these options are workable and acceptable. We do insist on a smoke-free gaming environment. Alcohol, however, is invited, and can stay provided no one passes out cold mid-game. Food is often present.

We would like to play weekly or bi-weekly, and usually sessions run around 6 hours. Of course, we're willing to go longer if the group so desires.

Currently the group is made up of 20-somethings who enjoy bad movies, old video games, and delicious beer.

We are seeking new players; if any of this sounds interesting to you, please introduce yourself.


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