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Looking for additional players.
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We are always looking for new players to join, so please send a message if you are interested. We've been actively meeting near the Bellaire area on most Fridays since May of 2010. If you want to check out information on the current campaigns, you can find it here.

We encourage the role-playing aspect of the game more than the polishing and rolling of dice. If you are looking for a strict style of play where developing a perfect build by sifting through rule books is your goal, then this group may not be for you. Rule books are a part of any game, and we have stacks of them. It's just not the primary focus of this group.

Players interested in a dynamic plot, interactive NPCs, and personal character development will find a lot of excitement here. Adventures range from grisly dungeon crawls to cold war spy campaigns against enemy nations. At times we have run space-age adventures, but we mostly stick with classic fantasy.

If you think this group might be a good fit for you or you have questions, then let us know.



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