A Dirge in the Darkness

A war for the soul of a city.
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This gaming group seeks players

Going to be starting a game in Edmond around the 26 of June 2011. Will be using the new world of darkness rules but with heavy changes to the default setting to make it more in line with what I want to run. I'm trying to create something that is closer to a darker version of the Dresen Files or the Night, Day, and Twilight Watch books by Sergei Lukyanenko. I'm a storyteller that listens to his players so I work really hard to give everyone the experience from the game that they want, so long as it doesn't infringe too much on my vision of the setting or someone else's fun. It's a game so it should be fun for everyone involved, otherwise why bother? Will be a very much character and story driven game. Anyway if you might be interested feel free to check out my campaign page at Obsidian Portal:

There isn't too much there yet. apart from some teaser info, as I still need some time to brsuh up on rules I haven't read in a while and bending the setting to my evil will. I will be ready to by the end of June though and will post more at Obsidian Portal as the game gets closer. If you are interested just drop me a message. Games will be every other Sunday from about 3:30-4pm until we decide to stop. If there is interest we may be able to do more frequently but that is a pretty big maybe considering the schedules of some of the other players.



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