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This gaming group seeks players

This is a group to help us create a Gamer group. Im up for anything to do with fantasy, RPG, Minitures, Sci-fi, Battle games, War Games, etc... I wish I lived in an area with more people gaming. Im right at edge of Clarkston and Waterford on Dixie. If your close, please join this group at least so this area has a presence. The closest group I saw around here was farmington hills i think. Im real busy now, so i will fill in more tags as you guys suggest them. I dont want to arbitrarily spam game names out if i dont have to. Like I said, as long as its creative, and involves dice, cards, maps, and role-playing.

I want to get a group together and Battle/RPG, on a huge table we design. I wanna build an epic universe that ive been working on for years and pay a ghost writer to take all my maps, journals, guides, campaigns, logs, etc...and all other DM material and work with me to write a Phantasy book based on our story.

But first I need to start playing real games, instead of League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. Im burned out on the MOBA front.




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