The Snakes and Foxes of D-Town

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Attention GEEKS, NERDS, Wheel of Time FREAKS, and friends! I want to start a group to play the Wheel of Time RPG! There is the regular RPG, and "Prophecies of the Dragon". I plan on playing both! I want to start a following, hopefully making it huge! Obviously, I am new and never played table top rpg's before, but out of respect for my most all time favorite fantasy series, I will give it my best. I have zero experience DMing, but want to learn. Willing to let someone else DM for the time being. A MUST, is that you are a fan of WOT, and you have read at least to the sixth or seventh book, so you have a pretty good idea of the campaigns. I plan on also starting games via Skype as well, so we can pull some campaigns with new friends across the globe! I also plan on hosting @ my home in Dayton, NV (MUST be at LEAST 18 if you come to my home!) starting in middle March, 2015, and from my home, throw in some crazy ass random LARP scenarios once in a blue moon. PLEASE, there are tons of WOT fans out there! I know it! I was addicted to this series while I was in Afghanistan, and I can't get enough of it! I know there are more of you out there! Let's make this into something BIG!!! Write me via email tho please! My email is:



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