Lords of Midnight

D&D 2E Lords of Midnight
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This gaming group seeks players

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Calling all AD&D 2nd Edition Fans!

We are already an existing D&D group in the Bwlch area of Powys looking for new players, we only have 2 slots available, so if anyone is interested please contact me asap. Our ages vary from 23 to 50, but all ages (over 18) are welcome. Our campaign which is designed to run for approximately 3 years, is still in it's early stages of play, so now is the time to sign up. For anyone who remembers '80's computer games, the campaign has been created around Mike Singletons' 'LORDS OF MIDNIGHT' game.

We are currently a group of 4, usually 5 (Our female magic user has been allowed time off due to maternity leave). We normally play for 2-3 hrs once a week and usually on a Tuesday (this can change some weeks). So if you want to escape the shackles and confines of reality for a few hours a week and battle evil in a frozen empire, contact me, Draygor - your GM.



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