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Have DM - will travel.
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This gaming group seeks players

Our group has 2 DMs.

General world-building reactive universe (no rails/weak railroading)

Fun is important - we tend to focus on mild puzzlers and adventure. Most combat can be solved without the use of force. Well. Without confrontation, let's say. Dropping the ceiling on your enemies is an excellent tactic, after all. That's force, right?

We play and DM for: D&D, Exalted, and World of Darkness. We play Legend of the Five Rings.

We do one-offs, but prefer campaigns - we're happy to do a oneoff to get to know you!.

We're looking for players. People who are combat-hounds need to bear in mind our group tends to focus on creative solutions - often avoiding combat. Say, poisoning the enemy's water supply. Among other things. We will try to insert enough real combat to keep folks comfortable, but if a group member finds a creative solution, we will happily support them in applying it against the orcs, zombies, mindflayers, and what-have-yous of the game world.

We discuss rules ahead of time, and are open to changing house rules as the group desires.



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