[Pathfinder] Dwarven Kingmaker-Inspired Campaign

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After being summoned by High-king's counselor, Teinmar Runehelm, you are ushered into a private solarium for an informal meeting with the Ruler of all Dwarves on the Continent. You kneel as King Thaylin Highpillar of Clan Highpillar, “Shield of the Kurtaborgs, Hammer of cave-spawned nightmares, Crusher of Azydmirean hordes, Ruler of Skirnaheim, Defender of his people under the mountains in the high dales and passes, 5th of his name” enters and charges you with a sacred duty.

“I welcome you, young hero of our people. Yours is the task of helping renew the Dwarves lot in this world. The Continent, Magnam Terram, has had the best of our proud people the last several centuries, hedging us back.

“The Goddess, Bruhnmyr Shieldmaiden,” the High-king touches his hand to his heart before continuing, “sacrificed herself 50 years on now, we are told by priests and seers, imbuing our people with her very essence to renew us, and so our birth rates have swollen. Some of you may even be children of the Shieldmaiden.”

“Now, we go forward. We re-open the gates to the North and allow you to take our people’s first tentative steps towards resettling lands long gone wild without our steady hand.”

“But I do go on. You have much to do and I keep you.”

The High-king motions to an attendant who brings past each of you a bronze bowl with what looks dark, sparkling earth or coal.

“You will swear now to me on the honor of your forefathers to go forth, to deal with friends in good honor and to bury your blades deep in those who oppose us, to find either old halls and reclaim them, new dominions to raise them or both.“ At which point the High-king draws a blade and cuts the palm of his hand.

“You will create a new sphere of influence for our people, gathering information, re-writing old maps, renewing our people’s hold on the Darkling Coast and--Gods help you--perhaps founding a new dynasty.” He says as he walks past each of you, dabbing his fingers in the material in your hands and marking your foreheads.

“Do you so swear?”

Interested in playing a Dwarven Pathfinder campaign on Saturday nights in Peekskill, approximately twice a month? PM me. We can always use 1 or 2 more role players.



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