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We are the Maryland Chapter of the Camarilla, the official White Wolf fan club. We run various World of Darkness social LARPs, (We don't do boffing, no foam swords here.) that are part of an international campaign. We have an established Vampire: The Requiem game and are just starting a Mage: The Awakening game. As we get more players we may start up other venues, such as Werewolf: The Forsaken, Changeling: The Lost, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, and even some Old World of Darkness venues, based on the interest of the players.

We usually meet every other Sunday afternoon, and new and old players alike are welcome, though you must be 18+. Right now we are a small but friendly group. Don't worry if you have no LARPing or gaming experience, we love teaching and working with new players, and it's easy and fun! If you need a ride, depending on where you live, someone might be able to pick you up.



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