The Hyperborean League

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This gaming group seeks players

We are a small group of players that enjoys Old School D&D goodness along with a smattering of rpg's from other genres (Star Frontiers, Traveler Mongoose, Star Siege, M&M, Star Wars, etc.) . We play fairly regularly in Ottawa based on life schedules. As the DM, I like to run retro clones (ACKS, AS&SH, DCC, S&W, etc.) in Hyperborea or Judges Guild the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. Both amazing settings are perfect for Dungeons & Dragons and they each have modules that most people have not played in before that encapsulate what the game is in fantastic splendor. If you are a mature player and would like to join us around the table to make new friends, roll some dice, and roll play please get in touch. We would love to meet up.



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