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RPG in Victorville, CA "Spoof"
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I made a game loosely based on D&D that is a bit simpler and is meant to add a bit of humor to the game. I call it spoof.

This would be played at my house (or near) at least (but not limited to) 2 evenings/month. I live near the 395 and Palmdale rd. intersection.

Here are some examples of Spoof:

Powerful magic item: The Stick Of Context Sensitivity. (loosly based on the game Bad Fur Day) It is what you need it to be at the moment you use it. The GM chooses exactly what that is. :)

Lvl. 1 Spell: Dirty Sock - will cause all creatures within a 8' radius to continuously throw up for 1 D4 rounds. Castor must remove 1 sock from foot and speak incantation, then throw the sock on intended AOE.

Although I have stolen ideas from movies, games, and books I have read as well as D&D to make this game, I have also created creatures and situations that are original to Spoof. As it has not been played by a full party yet, I imagine that there are a few kinks to be worked out.

Spoof will probably appeal more to players that are new to D&D, but like RPGs.



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