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This gaming group seeks players

We are a gaming group seeking new players in the Upstate NY and Western CT regions. At current, the group consists of two regular members, plus one who is, regrettably in college at significant distance from the local region. We had more members in the past, but due to difficulties with distance, time constraints, and maturity levels, we have been forced to cull the proverbial ranks. We have experience playing D&D 3.5, D&D 4e, World of Darkness both new and classic editions, Pathfinder, Star Wars and World of Warcraft: the Roleplaying Game. At current, we are seeking to host new players and a GM for a game of Deadlands: Reloaded, using the Savage Worlds setting rules. We're a fun and extremely creative group, and as often as not, we lose more than half of a gaming session to fairly random conversation. That said, the worlds we create around ourselves are immersive, and we're looking more for good RPers than for power gamers with an uncanny ability to roll a natural 20 every time. As I previously stated, we have had difficulties with maturity levels in the past, and therefor there are specific standards that we would hope that new players would meet. While these criteria may seem self explanatory to most, I feel it is important to lay these ground rules just in case, and thus, are as follows: Mature standards of conduct - we are, unfortunately, adults - this means that, though there can be plenty of OOG conversation and any number of risque jokes and raucous humor, we maintain a level of player to player respect. To quote my fifth grade homeroom teacher, "you don't all have to like each other, but you have to at least try to be civil." Also, in keeping with tradition, and due to a lack of opportunities to host games in public places, there is a significant likelihood that we are going to wind up playing in somebody's basement. that said, to those who are hosting: you are not obligated to provide food or refreshment - RPG gaming sessions are notoriously potluck. To those who are guests: you may be the foundation of the gathering, but do not make yourselves unwelcome by your actions. When game is done, please help straighten up - as we are nerds, geeks, or otherwise antisocial people, there is a good chance that at least some of the basements we will be using will belong to our parents' houses, so don't force the host to become the former host. Please note: if we order pizza, Chinese food, etc., monetary contributions will be taken in equal amounts for all parties - therefor, if you put in two dollars towards pizza, please don't attempt to eat a whole pie. And that's about it for rules. Scheduling: we are flexible, though for the sake of all who work, we prefer to keep games during Friday evenings or weekend hours. Because we are currently such a small group, we can be accommodating to everyone else's time constraints, so frequency of game sessions depends entirely on the gamers' preference. I think that's about it - May the force be with you, live long and prosper, lok'tar ogar, long days and pleasant nights, and any other miscellaneous scifi and fantasy referencial farewells that i haven't thought of yet. we hope to hear from you soon.


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