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Game is ran on the OpenRPG program.

Every character is a member of the Black Crow Mercenary Guild, they use a magical system that allows them to send a character to a location or take them from the location, meaning i can bring you in and out of the game as i please and you only need to show when you have the time to play, i never dm more then 6 players in a session. Only thing you need to get into any DMs game here at Skull Horn is a accepted character by one of our DMs.

Can find Skull Horn DMs on the OpenRPG Servers "Skull Horn Society" or "OpenRPG Veav1".

Skull Horns Forum Can Be Found At

CondorDMs schedule - Saturdays/Sundays 6pm until whenever(-4gmt Atlantic time zone Canada). Sometimes i DM between Tuesday and Thursday at random times and the adventure will not be the same as the week end adventure(Meaning players currently in the middle of a adventure on the weekend game will not be able to use that character for the random week day game).

CondorDMs email

Note - On going game not one set campaign, I do have a base story that goes on in the world but how involved you are with the base story is up to me.



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