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This gaming group seeks players


My name is Matt. I am the DM of a small group of players who meet in Orlando usually weekly. Currently we meet on Sundays.

We currently play D&D 3.5, though as a DM I try to incorporate the older edition "feel" along with monsters and mechanics into my preferred system. We might be branching off to other d20 material, or even one offs of other systems in the future. However, D&D 4.0 is not likely to be played.

I am the current (and sadly only) DM. I run a sandbox style world I have been working on for almost two years. I try to never lead players by the nose, and literally tell you to "do as your players would!". In my highly worked on world and cosmology none of it revolves around the PCs. The PCs are merely there on it. So you do not have to go dungeon crawling, but instead could stay in a single settlement the entire campaign and get into politics, or perhaps take over a thieves guild or go planes hopping (if you can find a gate). It's all up to you to decide where you want your PCs to go, and what you want to do. Hence why I spend so much time on all this.

We are a more fun oriented group, and do not powergame. we are there to have fun, and all those who also want to have some fun are welcomed to join.

Any DMs who wish to run are also welcome to give their games a shot. Every DM needs a break now-and-then. :)

So if you are interested please message me letting me know. We meet by the Florida Mall area..


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