The Pennsylvania Nerd Collective.

The life of a LVL 1,000 Electric Wizard awaits you
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Whats this "Collective" all about?

For those who go about the busy work of breathing life into fantastic worlds where adventure, glory, and peril are all commonplace. For those who within them hold a spark of wild imagination, whose elaborate descriptions drape flesh upon unnamable oddities. Dearest dreamers of the Quaker state, the aim of The Collective is to provide a gathering place for like-minded individuals with common interest. You, who toil hidden away in dank basements, sitting in bedrooms before a flickering LCD monitor, or holed up in any manner of nerd lair planning your next grand endeavor. You, whose walls are adorned with Franzetta prints of scantly clad Amazon women and the decidedly BAD-ASS Death Dealer. You, who doth drink deep from thine goblet of Turkey Hill Raspberry Ice Tea and hath sought council with Wawa's touch-screen sandwich ordering machine to purge thyself of great hunger. You, whose fear of psychic Mothman attacks hath kept you far from the dread realm known as West Virginia. It is your voice that is sought here.

Looking to the Future!



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