Role-play Focused Cthulhu - Central MA

Role-play focused storytelling w/Trail of Cthulu.
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This gaming group seeks players

I would like to run a small, somewhat unique campaign comprised of 5 evenings of play, using the Trail of Cthulhu system. This will be a role-play focused, low-to-no combat campaign with an emphasis on character development, storytelling, and collaborative horror. Each session will be a vignette, with different characters each evening.

Players should be at least familiar with storytelling games, willing to engage in-character (in-voice) for the majority of the evening, and able to travel to the game location (my home in Stow) once/month from September through January. Mature, sane, good-natured folks only, please. :)

(Note that we have a dog and some cats, if such things are an issue due to allergies or preference.)



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