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Exciting New Games for NE Chicago!
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This gaming group seeks players

This is a gaming group located in Northeast Chicago and surrounding areas. The group is for players and GM's looking to go beyond D&D and try new systems and adventures.

Currently we are playtesting RSRS (the Realistic to Superheroic Role-playing System), a new univeral role-playing system that is in development and in the playtesting phase. Several game campaigns are in the works and we are always looking new players *Experience doesn't matter- Newbies are welcome* Some campaigns in the works are; -Cold in Death: A futuristic murder mystery set in the year 2070. -Riddle of the Mage Steel: A sword and sorcery fantasy setting.

We are also occasionally playtesting the LUDIS game system that is in the initial development stages

Besides that we are interested in a wide variety of games and systems. Including GURPS, Call of Cthulu, Shadowrun, Rifts, Alternity, and White Wolf. However, we are NOT interested in any of the new editions of D&D (3, 3.5, 3.75, 3.99, 4, 4.5... etc.) or their derivitives like Pathfinder, but still enjoy the old school D&D and AD&D.

Our gaming group is made up of gamer geeks in their 20's to 30's who enjoy good drinks, bad movies, and have a strange sense of humor. We have several hosting locations and are willing to travel/tele-play using SKYPE or other means. We play weekly/bi-monthly with game sessions lasting around 6 hours or so (of course we are not adverse to pulling an all-nighter like we used to in the olden days!) So if you want to be a part of an active gaming group playing exciting new systems and adventures, then by all means contact us and get into the game!


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