Starting a YA Urban Fantasy RPG Campaign

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This gaming group seeks players

I want to start a new "table-top" RPG campaign and I'm looking for players who favor character and story over game-mechanic minutia.

If my campaign were a book series it would be described as a "Young Adult Urban Fantasy" series, that starts here on Earth and will slowly grow into a high fantasy setting on a fictional world. (It's "young adult" because the characters will start as teenagers, but the themes and situations will be as "adult" as we want them to be.)

Any level of experience is welcome, from very experienced role-players to brand new, never played a face-to-face or table-top type RPG before.

The system that I plan to use is a variant of the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game system, which uses comparative stats rather than dice -- if you don't know it that's no big deal, the campaign is designed with new players in mind.

You won't need to buy any books or bring any equipment, except may a notebook for taking notes if you want.

Right now we're tentatively planning to play every other Saturday night, either at a member's home or at a pub in Burbank. But the timing or location could change.

About the Amber Diceless Roleplaying System: Amber Diceless, based on the Amber series by Roger Zelazny, is the most popular of all diceless roleplaying games. It uses no randomizers in conflict resolution, and many feel that the negotiation between GM and players arising from this gets to the basic meat of roleplaying, and teaches awesomeness. The setting of Amber spans infinite dimensions, but some feel that the true setting comes from interacting with the dozen or so interesting and iconic members of the Amber Royal Family. Amber is perhaps the only roleplaying game that has spawned cons devoted solely to it. It has been going strong for more than 15 years.



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