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Hi all. I'm running an alternate-history GURPs campaign. It is set in the late 18th-early 19th century in a world where the presence of magic as a mineable/exploitable resource changed the course of European and American history. How so? To start, the U.S. didn't achieve independence in 1776! Instead, the last major European land grab (a Seven Years' War equivalent) was a virtual draw and now a cold war exists between the Big Powers of the day (England and France.) The tenuous peace is threatened by various magical "hotspots" around the globe--especially those pesky Northeastern parts of England's colonial North American holdings! Suspicions are growing of a dangerous alliance between the wealthy shipping magnates of the Northeast, the French government and the "terrorist" Sons of Liberty.

I'm hoping for a mix of political intrigue, creative naval and land-based combat and character development. I welcome input from players who want to make a chunk of the setting "their own." I want players to have lots of creative liberty and a chance to take the story in new and unexpected directions!

If this sounds halfway interesting, send me an email: ladyrunica at gmail dot com. Weekend game, once a month. New GURPs players welcome!


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