Old School Gamers of Austin

Old School Gamers
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This gaming group seeks players

If you whisper the name of Gygax with reverence, it's time to open the closet, dust off the rulebooks, and convince the cat to give you back that icosahedron it's been chasing all over the house for years. (Good luck with that last one).

We are a group of old-school tabletop roleplayers in the Austin area.

The current campaign is using the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1st Edition) rules. The setting is Oerth (Greyhawk), with my own peculiar spin on things. The campaign itself is a mix of published modules (mostly original classics) and my own invention and inspiration. It will mostly be up the players which they end up exploring. So far, they have mostly gone for the modules, with an unexpected bias towards humor.

Old School Gamers



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