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Sharing handwritten guides and extras.
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For those of us who play old school D&D, some of us came in a little late (me). I discovered D&D when 3rd ED was out and kicking, but was taught AD&D. 3rd ED is OK, 4th ED is crap! I don't have all sources at my fingertips so I improvise. Unfortunately, my comp caught a virus, and I lost a bit of everything, yay! So I will post info as I make it. Some examples of stuff I'm working on: Exotic weapons, non-magical treasure, pictures of clothing to help formulate your character (for those us actually into roleplay :-) ), lists of gods, list of races, list of classes, list of my created cities and cultures, etc etc. Feel free to share yours, but 4th ED crap please leave at the door. Mystra is alive and well here, and here is where she will remain!



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