Fremont Grognards

Role-playing, not dice rolling
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This gaming group seeks players

We (and by 'we' I mean me) are old school gamers playing new games, because old games aren't really as good as our failing memories might suggest.

Dungeons and Dragons (First Ed.) was terrible... we played it back when Jimmy Carter was president. Fortunately we now know it got better (until it became a collectible card game, anyway.)

Vampire, the Masquerade? Are you kidding me? worst. game . ever. But it had good bones -- World Of Darkness proves it. Requiem is actually playable, and Changeling is a masterpiece.

Our Credo: We think rules are for people who lack imagination. We focus on roleplaying and Co-operative storytelling, but openly laugh at LARPers. We roll dice, but cheat as necessary. Epic heroes don't critically miss unless it makes for an epic tale.

There should be more than one of us... but then I just moved into the neighborhood so there's hope.



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