Ministry of Game; West

Thursdays weekly in West Sydney, Australia
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This gaming group seeks players

We are a group of Gamers who (as of the 31st of Jan 2013) will be meeting for dinner and RPG's on Thursday nights of the school term. The organisers of MoG West are unashamedly Christian and have arranged for games to be played in Merrylands Anglican Church's hall. But anyone who is willing to show respect for other gamers and their views is more than welcome to join us.

We have 2 campaigns starting up on the 31st of Jan

Legacy of Fire (Gamesmastered by Dave- Pathfinder Roleplaying game- 1 space free)

Dragonlance (Gamesmastered by Jas- DnD 4ed- 3 spaces free)

we are also seeking more GM's and players and are keen to see other RPG systems played at MoG West

Like the original ministry of Game (in St Ive's North Sydney) we hope to see old wounds healed between the Church and Gamers. We love the church and love gaming and don't see why the 2 should be enemies. But all in all we are also looking for an enjoyable time playing the games we love, hope to see you there!

Please contact Dave at if you are keen to play with us



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