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This gaming group seeks players

I've been far too busy to enjoy the game as I once had; several campaigns intermingling, several nights a week, conventions, the whole shabang! Adulthood hasn't been kind to giving me time for my hobby.

That said, I am looking to host a table top game within the genre of D20: 3e, 3.5e, & Pathfinder. I have faith that a committed group of solid players can meet once a month to get in some serious gaming and be sated (hopefully). I have my own place in Tustin (with the Mrs), without parking issues, children, or similar issues.

- Players and DM's are desired.


Updated: 10/14/2011

We have MOVED!

Join the above site if desired and request to be added to the OC Monghtly Gamers campaign. I'll keep an eye out for requests and will reply with a separate Invite email to complete the process.

This site will be retained for redundancy & convenience.


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