Ann Arbor-area LARP

Looking for players! No experience req'd
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This gaming group seeks players


Where: Ann Arbor, MI.

What: One-shot theater-style LARP. (No previous experience with any system is required.)

When: Games take place sporadically (roughly every few months) and are each unrelated to the others.

Who: We need lots of players! One-shot theatrical LARPing is really fun and easy to get into for new players, at least when it's done well. But since it's different from tabletop games it can be hard to find people willing to play. (If you haven't played this type of game before-- if role-playing is one of the things you like about RPGs, you'll definitely like theater LARP...)

The games I run require no experience, no books or special equipment, and relatively little commitment (they're are all one-shot, that is, they only require one afternoon or evening).

You can find out more at Or just send me a message!



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