Learning D&D 4e, LGBTQ Friendly

Learning D&D 4e, LGBTQ Friendly
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This gaming group seeks players


I'm a 25 year-old, male, business software consultant looking to get into DMing D&D 4e. I'm new to the pen & paper RPG world, and am interested in finding some other players who'd like to come over to my place a couple times a month on weekends and learn/play D&D 4th Edition together.

I have a couple sets of player guides and all other necessary materials for 4e play, so you don't need to supply your own books if you don't mind sharing. I've also got a Keurig and a supply of coffees & teas. Chipping in for the pizza would be appreciated.

Trying to gauge interest and hopefully organize the first session within the next couple months.

You can email me at:

LGBTQ friendly.



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