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We, the "core" three gamers, plus auxiliaries, generally numbering in total from 4-6, have been gaming together in some form or another since 1995. We are a generally middle-aged (~34 average), middle-of-the-road group—between hack & slash and improv theatre. We play D&D, GURPS, Star Wars (various versions), and various others, generally rotating GMing duties amongst 3-4 regulars. Politically, generally conservative. Music, generally rock/metal/alternative. Tech-friendly; nearly everyone using laptops at the table, Google Docs for tracking, PowerPoint for graphics, etc.

Currently playing on the S-side of OKC, Fridays @ ~19:00. Visit our forum for more info on what we're up to.

Although the group is currently "full," we're always on the lookout for "serious" gamers—that is, folk who actually giveashit, and not just show up (or don't) on game-night, clueless and uninvolved. "Evil" is not generally tolerated. "Cross-dressing" (playing opposing-gender characters) is laughed at (but occasionally tolerated). Method-actors are welcome, but not if they're pushy about it. Generally chick-friendly group (we have one playing, currently). Youth is simultaneously ridiculed and envied ;) (we have had players as young as 13 in the past). Creative thinkers, problem solvers, and any prospective GMs are defininitely welcome.

Got a campaign you're itching to run, or beta-test with a new/different group? We would love to have a "temporary" GM on a "contract" basis. Contact us at the guest area of the forum if you want to make a pitch.



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