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I'm a member of a group that has been roleplaying* every** Saturday for several years at Knight-Ware in Studio City. We're usually in the 4-8 player range and almost always open to a new player or two.

We tend to rotate through games and GMs every few months***. As of August 2015, we are alternating weekly between the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG and a quasi-realistic Savage Worlds post-apocalyptic game.

Our games are usually pretty well RP/combat balanced (but as near as I can tell, almost every group out there believes that about themselves).

Since we generally spend all day together, we are fairly casual about keeping focused on the game and will digress into conversations (usually gaming-related) that we enjoy but could be annoying to people who are just there to play.

*Sometimes we play board or card games while waiting for the group to assemble. People tend to start trickling in around 11:30 and we start RPing 1-ish to 2-ish as quorum is reached. We usually go until sometime between 9 and 10 (never later than 10, as the store closes then). **okay, not every single Saturday, but we only miss a handful a year, usually associated with holidays ***past games have included Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, ACKS, D&D 5th, Earthdawn, HERO System, etc.

P.S. The parking sucks. Sorry!



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