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This gaming group seeks players

I and a couple of my friends are looking to fill out a DnD 3.5e group that would ideally meet once a week on a long term basis. We have been playing for a few years now, and as various members have moved out of state, we have 1-3 open spots for campaigning. The next campaign we have in mind is a brief, 6-9 session affair, followed possibly by an Epic shortly thereafter.

We play a heavily-house ruled 3.5e, with a focus on truly difficult combat and a great deal of roleplaying. Our playstyle is casual yet driven, with a goal of having fun while creating a campaign we can be proud of. (An idea of our playstyle can - with reasonable accuracy - be gleaned from our recaps of our last campaign:

We are looking for mature players with a good sense of humor, preferably 20+ years of age. We do meet in Lahaska, which is just across the bridge from Lambertville into PA, but its not much of a drive from the Cherry Hill Area.

I have been DMing for a few years now, with 6 campaigns under my belt, but I am more than willing to take a back seat for another DM to try his hand, as long as we meet our group goal of hanging out and having an excellent time.


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