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Sunday Pathfinder Game
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This gaming group seeks players


Who We Are
I'm posting on behalf of my RL Pathfinder game group in the hopes that we might find a few local folks this way. We're seeking some new blood that enjoys roleplay over system, story over mechanics, and has their Sundays open for tabletop goodness.

We primarily play Pathfinder, but other systems do drift in on a very regular basis as we do one- and two-shot, as well as episodic, campaigns. Two long-term campaigns are set to start in late January -- one Fantasy, one Contemporary/Post-Apocalyptic. Just to mention again, this is not an online group and we meet in person every Sunday from 12 noon to ~6pm, except holidays.

We do maintain a fully-fleshed out website with a signup form for game sessions, a forum, and a private-messaging system. When the weather is particularly bad we make use of either Skype or Roll20 instead of forcing people to get out and about.

Who We're Looking For
We are looking for nice, friendly, non-psychopathic and generally hygienic people that have a strong tendency to be on time for game sessions. Our interest is in weaving a story and having fun, so if that sounds good to you we'd love to hear from you! Inexperience is okay! Rules 0 & 1 are both in effect. We do play in a private home, so please keep that in mind. :)

If you're interested, please fill out our super-short survey here. We will respond to every serious entry within 48 hours! We are not Society gamers!

We already have a place to play, and we are only looking for players.



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