Testing homebrew game. Need players. Skype ok

Immortal Flux
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Ok people. Hoping to start this next game of Immortal Flux soon. Aiming for the 10th. Should be able to run it every sat or sun. Whatever is better for the players. Immortal Flux is a game I created in hopes of making a rpg where you can do anything and be anything. I always hated when you couldn't use something cause it was a class only item. I basically always got upset when a GM said no when they really didn't need to. Also as for the story, well I do have a story in mind, but it is never the my focus. The players are always my focus. If you want to follow a story then go ahead. but if you want to f the story and do your own thing, or even join the bad guys and turn on the group, Go for it! This game is designed to be PvP but if you want to survive I would go killing off the whole party. In this world there are angels, demons, dragons, alchemist, shadow-walkers, light-benders, and many more. And you could play as anything you want. (the only time i say no is on differrent dimensions, time powers or space powers. Othere than those I almost never say no to a character concept. I would really like more players. I need to test this system out and get feed back of the games concept. Msg me for character sheet and starting stats. I look forward to a good gaming experience with you. I take players who wish to skype in as well. i am vaklam malkav on skype. please title e-mail or msg with (hopeful player) so i dont mark it as spam



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