The World Rivers

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This gaming group seeks players


Game Type: Table top, dice based, paper and pencil, Role Playing Game

Game System: Unpublished; loosely based on the Blood of Heroes gaming system

Game World: Unpublished; "The World Rivers"

Genre: Magical Fantasy

Setting: Medieval European (with occasional excursions to other planes of existence)

Theme: Epic Adventure

Group Size: 4-6

Meeting Time: Negotiable (based on group input; prefer Saturdays once per month)

Meeting Place: Westerville, OH. (reliable transportation is requested)

The main focus of the group is to run a classic, table-top RPG based on a system and world designed by myself over the course of 20 years of gaming experience. The main game will be played at least once per month, but, the group can meet more often for other endeavors such as strategy board gaming, card gaming, movie watching, or whatever the group feels like doing.

This is an opportunity to play games and make new friends in a fun and relaxed environment!

Non-Smokers and Non-Drinkers preferred.

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