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Call of Cthulhu - 1920s - San Francisco
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This gaming group seeks players

New Campaign needs players! The campaign will emphasize investigation and atmosphere with a fair amount of historical detail. After a short scenario, which I will call "The Horror in North Beach" (It actually has a better title which I can't use it as it would be spoilerish), the campaign will proceed to "The House on Red-Rock Hill" which is a massive re-write and expansion of a classic Call of Cthulhu scenario.

There will be props, dioramas, music and sfx.

There is surely room for a half a dozen regular players and while certain professions are very useful (Psychiatrist, PI, Occultist), pretty much anything goes if we can shoehorn the PCs together.

Past games tended to be on Saturdays from as early as could be agreed upon till about 10PM. I'm flexible, however, and Thursday or Friday from 6ish till 10ish is looking good.

My place is in Bernal Heights - Skullhouse...



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