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Pathfinder game in Florida!!!
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This gaming group seeks players

If you're a roleplayer, a treasure seeker, a slayer of beasts great and small - and you just want a day away from work, the kids, and/or life itself. By all means! Come, and join us on our quest for adventure and a thrilling day away from reality!

No players/DMs younger than 18 due to the mature nature of the group and our games in general. Must have your own transportation or live near a player/DM who is willing/able to ferry you.

We're fans of roleplaying with a balance in our hack/slash and dungeon delving. We're also adults who do this for fun and tend to frown on those who are 'out for themselves' - not saying you're restricted to playing Good AL all the time but it does mean you have to take every player (and our DM) into account before making an 'in character' decision and sometimes that means bending your character's desires for fun.

That said I hope to hear from some of you Floridians out there looking for some solid gaming!!

We're located in Ft. Pierce but have players from Vero Beach and will soon (Nov. 15?) be moving our game to Vero Beach. Currently we have 2 games we're getting started both are Pathfinder games run by separate DMs.


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