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Always looking for reliable players
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We have a core group of 4-5, but are always looking for more players who are reliable and fun-but-mature (or as mature as gamers get). We play in Auburn 4 times a month currently alternating between games of M&M 2nd Edition (Saturday Afternoons) and D&D 3E (Friday Evenings). We play a variety of games, those are just the two we are currently running. The only games I can think of that we will not be playing are D&D 4E or any CCG’s; pretty much anything else is a possibility.

There are no particular age or experience requirements, provided you can leave your drama at home. Also, we game to hang out and have fun, so tangents occur regularly; if you are a nose-to-the-grindstone type of player, you will probably get frustrated on a regular basis. If you have allergies or tolerance issues, please be aware that there are cats and dogs in residence, some of which have boundary issues (but are very sweet). We do imbibe alcohol from time to time and allow outside smoking, so if either of these activities are offensive/annoying to you then we're probably not the right group for you.

We do have a lot of fun, share lots of laughs and snacks, and in general are a nice group of people with whom to spend an afternoon/evening rolling dice.

Prospective members will need to meet with us (my girlfriend and I) before showing up to a game. I know it may seem like a hassle, but we are leery of inviting complete strangers into our home without first meeting them to make sure that there is a basic level of compatibility. Nothing major required, just a meet-and-greet over coffee.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining us, then please shoot me a message and we’ll set up a time to get together and chat.


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