Eastbourne Ars Magica

This was a fair land... until the Normans came.
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This gaming group seeks players

I have one currently-running Ars Magica but I'm always up for a second. If you're in or near the Eastbourne area and want to play in a short Ars Magica saga then drop me a note.

I've not done a great deal of planning on where the new saga will be set as that's something that we can do together. That said, I quite fancy Mythic Ireland as I've never played a saga there before.

I'd be aiming for a fairly brisk saga, allowing time between stories for your magi to power up and achieve their goals. And I'll be encouraging the use of all sorts of high-power bits from various supplements. It'll be a great opportunity to try out Ars Magica for a while.

I'm intending to host and play on Wednesdays but I can do pretty much any day except Fridays.



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