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Name: Roderick Edwards Game: Shroud of the Ancients RPG Genre: Fantasy Location: Coliseum of Comics Lakeland (for now) When: Friday nights at 6:00pm, 3 times a month.

What's the Game About: Over two centuries ago, Terrath's second moon shattered and fire fell from the heavens. Ancient Empires and vast kingdoms that had once stretched across the known world were wiped out in a single day. A chosen few were selected by the gods to survive inside the sanctuary known as Aegis. As they struggled to adapt, they were unaware of the savagery that existed beyond their borders. But now, as overpopulation and a limited food supply have caused the Great City of Av'Talen to become a symbol of corruption at the heart of the realm, the shattered and deadly lands of the old world call out like a beacon to those who crave power and yearn for freedom.

Plans & Goals: In 2013, we launched our successful campaign for the first book of our role-playing game, Shroud of the Ancients, The Adventurer's Guide to the World of Terrath. This year, our goal is to release the follow-up book, The Shroudmaster's Guide and get both of them in stores by the fall.

Why You Should Join: Our group has shrunk done to practically nothing due to life's demands. So now, we need both experienced and novice players to help us work out any kinks in the system and have fun in the process.

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