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We are a gaming group from the Beringen - Leopoldsburg area that consists of five members. We come together once every two weeks on friday or saturday. Because of scheduling conflicts, we usually play in a group of three or sometimes four. Another player would be welcome. At the moment we are playing a Pathfinder campaign. In the past we have played D&D, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and World of Darkness.

Our goal is to play once a week and one (semi) regular player should help tremendously. We don't play at a specific location, so it is best to have your own means of transportation or a place where we can game. Everyone brings his own snacks, so don't worry about us eating all your supplies.

We take a rather casual approach to gaming, which means there is room for the occasional out of character comment. We are looking for someone who wants to have fun and can focus on the game for a few hours every week.



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