NEW Fantasy D&D Campaign!!!
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This gaming group seeks players

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Come join my Eragon inspired D&D campaign. It's not strictly Eragon, however I did use some of the names to label areas and there are a few key characters from the series. You begin as a lonely adventurer who has been brought to a small, remote village. Soon you find yourself and a few other strangers in a room with the leader of this village. He's telling you of the troubles of the land, and how you, having been drawn to him, can help. So come fight the empire and the evil king! This campaign is not just dice rolling. There are puzzles, riddles, translations to be solved, diplomacy, and much more in addition to combat.

Group Currently:

1 DM

1 Deva Wizard

1 Ranger (Race still pending)

Needed: A leader role, tanky/warrior type melee character, and a chill, relaxed attitude.



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