Kingdom Death: Monster

miniatures and boss rush battles
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This gaming group seeks players

I've been looking for a group that can meet within my own circle of acquaintances, but none seem to be interested. So I open the flood gates to any others who's been wanting to play this year's biggest campaign Monster Hunter.

Kingdom Death is a campaign based, combat driven RPG/Board Game. Players are various survivors in a dark macabre world just trying to, well, survive. Gameplay is something of a 'Boss Rush' in the same vein as Monster Hunter. Players track and kill a series of difficult monsters, carve their kills for loot, and come back to camp to craft new armor and weapons, only to do it again the next session.

I work 3rd shift, so I'm only available in the evenings and only up until 10pm at the latest. I can host a group almost any day in the evening as long as it wraps up by 9:30. But even better would be groups on my nights off, Tuesday being the best.



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