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This is a group for people in the greater metro St Louis area who enjoy train-themed board games, such as Empire Builder, 1830, Age of Steam, Ticket to Ride, or Railroad Tycoon, just to name a few. We provide a central membership and event scheduling platform for train gamers of all interests and experiences in the greater St Louis metropolitan area. Members of this groups can set up regular or special train gaming sessions on the Calendar, and can invite other members of the group to join them. Events can be totally open to the entire membership, or limits on how many can attend can be set up.

This group is open to any and all train gamers in the area, and to those who may be visiting St Louis and are looking for some local "action" while they are in town. Crayon rails, 18xx, Ticket to Ride, pick-up-and-drop-off games...all are open season here-- the group's purpose is to focus on train-based board games.



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